BreakAway Performance Newsletter: Spring Back into Action

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The place for you to experience all things BreakAway, this newsletter will provide updates, interesting articles, nutritional advice, event preparation tips, and information about upcoming training sessions and events. Whether you want to learn to swim, cycle, or run more efficiently and increase your athleticism, or you are an avid competitor training for an event, you'll find a host of useful information right here.

As we mentioned earlier, spring is a time of rejuvenation, and for BreakAway this couldn't be more true. This year saw the official opening of the first BreakAway Pro Lab and Performance Cycling Studio at Bay Club San Francisco. And with the launch of BreakAway at the Bay Club, plus some warmer weather approaching, it's time to get serious about training! The Sea Otter, Wildflower, Rock-n'-Roll Half, and Escape from Alcatraz events are all approaching fast, so now's the time to design a plan to make sure you are lighter, learner, stronger, and faster! 

It's also a reawakening for me on a personal level, having gone through the arduous process of physical therapy and 12 weeks off the bike with no running. Between working towards a successful grand opening of BreakAway at Bay Club San Francisco, decreased cardio, and the 49ers post-season, my six pack almost turned into a keg! But, like the thaw of winter with the arrival of spring, weekend workouts with the BreakAway crew have brought me back to a level of athleticism I'm excited about.  

I look forward to seeing you in the studio or at one of our outdoor training sessions. 

In health, 

Joel Ramirez
Director of BreakAway Performance


The Simple Five-Step Plan to Success

Steadfastly follow these five rules and your goal will become attainable before you realize it.

1.) Set Your Goal: Without a line in the sand, work, family, life will push your training sideways. 

2.) Test Yourself: Establish your zones: aerobic base (AB) anaerobic threshold (AT), and Functional Threshold Pace (FTP) for proper training. The combined endurance and intensity training will help you reap the dividends you need to increase your power-to-weight ratio.

3.) Clean It Up: Pay special attention to what goes in your body and and cut out the alcohol. Keeping a food journal will really help you understand and internalize exactly what needs to be done. You will be surprised by the results!

4.) Train at the Club, Race with the Team: Our midweek sessions are convenient and open to members and the public alike. Nothing gets you out of bed better than a group start time. Our weekend workouts are outdoors and compliment the midweek training perfectly. Come enjoy Saturday rides in the hills of Marin and Sunday swims in the Bay, followed by runs on Baker Beach.

5.) One Step Beyond: As soon as you complete your goal and revel in your success, subscribe yourself to reach a new echelon of fitness, health, and athleticism as you become lighter, leaner, stronger, and faster!


Group Race Training (GRiT) | Saturday, March 29 | 7:30 am | Meet at Bay Club San Francisco
Weather you are training for an event like Escape from Alcatraz, or enjoy swimming, cycling, and running to stay in great shape, GRiT has something for everyone. Join us for a low intensity Saturday ride and establish your aerobic base heart rate. And since the circle back policy is in effect, you don't have to worry about falling behind or waiting for others to catch up. Meet at Bay Club San Francisco at 7:30 am to carpool or caravan to our ride.

Get GRiT fit for fantastic and fun events like Escape from Alcatraz.

Get GRiT fit for fantastic and fun events like Escape from Alcatraz.

Start Getting Ready for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon Today!
BreakAway can get you prepared, confident, and ready for this fun and competitive event! Escape from Alcatraz is one of the top triathlon events in the nation, drawing competitors from around the world. This means that selection for the race will be decided by a lottery, for which registration sells out every year.

Training with our Group Race Training (GRiT) program coaches indoors at the Club during the week, and outdoors on the weekend, will get you ready to Escape! Register with BreakAway now and you’ll receive this comprehensive training package:

  • Systematic periodization program (swim, bike, run)
  • V02 max diagnostic & wattage threshold evaluation
  • Performance profile & fit assessment
  • Eight weeks of Performance Cycling classes
  • Eight weeks of GRiT coaching (swim, bike, run, outdoors on weekends)
  •  Eight weeks of swim coaching

Members, $1400
Guests, $1700

To register for the Escape from Alcatraz training program, call 415.901.9366 or send an email to  

For information about the race, please visit

Sunday Brick Workouts | Sunday, March 30 | San Francisco's Aquatic Park
Combining two out of three triathlon events, first we'll get in the water for a 90-minute swim at San Francisco's gorgeous Aquatic Park. Then, we'll all head out to beautiful Baker Beach for a 90-minute run, with an incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge. This turns out to be a perfectly balanced workout and great day of training. 

For more information on these training sessions, please call 415.901.9366 or send an email to  


Spring Training Tips

With the spring training season beginning, base training is an important first step to build aerobic endurance before diving into intense anaerobic interval sessions. Zone 2 trains the body to burn fat as the primary fuel source and develops Type 1 muscle fiber. For running, a good base consists of about 500 miles of “conversational pace” running. In cycling, around 1000 miles of base building work will get you ready for more intense sessions. If you do not know what your zones are, a V02max for FTP test is the way to go. See below for discounts and specials.

Spring Specials | Bikes, Bikes Bikes
Spring time means ride time!  If you need a bike we have a complete line of stock KHS bikes, Look frame sets or build your own fully custom ride by Alchemy.  Feel free to demo any rig to help make a decision which is best for you.

Tune Up Savings
If you have a bike but it needs tuning, our service center and master bike tech Aaron Salit will get you rolling in a snap with these Spring specials:

Purchase a bike and receive a 10% retail discount or one month of unlimited Performance Cycling classes ($250 value).

Purchase a VO2max/fit assessment or complete bike fit and receive a 10% discount or one month of unlimited of Performance Cycling ($250 value).

Purchase a tune up or overhaul and receive two weeks of unlimited Performance Cycling classes( $125 value) or 15% off the service price.

Service Specials
Come get a fantastic work out as we train for the Wildflower and Escape from Alcatraz triathlons in May and June. It doesn’t matter if you’re not competing; just join us for a fantastic fitness experience. Some of our BreakAway clients will also be training for cycling races such as the Tour de Marin, or the famous Death Ride through the Sierra Nevada. Whether you’re training to compete, or just want to get in the best shape of your life, BreakAway has something for you. Save 10% on packages and 15% off premium Training packages.

Training programs are based on individual goals and may include:

  • Customized periodization program based on your HR zones and ability
  • VO2max test to determine HR and intensity zones
  • Running gait analysis to identify any imbalances or weaknesses
  • Swim Bike Run weekly workouts indoors and weekend workouts outdoors
  • Workshops and clinics on training, recovery, and nutrition
  • Garmin w/ GPS and HR to train in the proper intensity (optional)

New BreakAway Bay Club Kits
The new kits will be here in two weeks but now's the time to make sure you secure your kit and receive a 10% discount. Pre-order your kit today. Simply sign in, or if you are not yet participating in BreakAway but would like to join us, please call 415.901.9366 or send and email to


Muscle Coordination Patterns

Here is some wonderful advice from a highly informative article. Enjoy! "Cycling is a repetitive activity using coordinated muscle recruitment patterns to apply force to the pedals. With more muscles available for activation than required, some patterns produce high power, whereas some are more efficient..." 

read the full article here.  


Please Join Us as We Welcome Elite Multisport Coach Jay Ridgeway! 

BreakAway Jay doing what he does best in the home stretch. 

BreakAway Jay doing what he does best in the home stretch. 

Jay is a veteran USA Track & Field and USA Triathlon certified coach as well as certified personal trainer and master-level boot camp instructor. He started competitive running at the age of 11 and completed his first triathlon back in 1985. Jay remains a competitive age group runner and triathlete, having completed multiple Boston and NYC Marathons as well as Ironmans. He is a USA Triathlon All-American and recently represented Team USA at the 2012 ITU Long Distance World Championships in Las Vegas, NV. Also known as a running biomechanic specialist and natural running form guru, Jay currently is the only Newton Natural Running Form certified coach in both Northern and Central California.

 Welcome Jay! We are thrilled to have you on our team!


Event Calendar

Choose an event, and train with BreakAway to achieve your goals. BreakAway has teamed up with Garmin, so look for us at the Garmin booth this year at the Sea Otter.

Sunday, April 6 | San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half
Thursay, April 10 | Sea Otter Classic (multiple)
Saturday, Apriil 26 | Sonoma / Napa Gran Fondo
Friday, May 2 | Wildflower Triathlon
Sunday, May 18 | Tour of Marin
Sunday, June 1 | Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon
Saturday, June 7 | Alcatraz Sharkfest
Saturday, July 12 | Death Ride
Sunday, July 13 | Vineman Triathlon
Sunday, July 27 | San Francisco Marathon